First Post


Well. Here it goes, I suppose…

I’m leaping right into the deep end. Although it feels more like “getting off the pot”. I’ve contemplated starting a blog for close to a year. Much like the rest of my life, I have a hard time being decisive and making a commitment. But in the end, I usually end up just making a random choice. I mean, I looked at features and thought about it, and then just said “what the hell” and decided on this one. If I end up not liking it, I can switch to another site. I guess…

I couldn’t pick a “theme”. Will I be a fashion blogger? Will I be an art blogger? Will I post thoughtful insights? Pictures of my cats? Well, it all remains to be seen. I’ll post what tickles my fancy.

Here are some things coming down the pipeline:

  1. 30 days of lists challenge. Not sure all what this entails. I still have to sign up for it. I might do the lists all old school analog and post pictures. I’m not really sure what the lists are, but I’m always up for a challenge.
  2. I’m going to post my most recent manicure I did tonight. I’m proud of my work. I mean, for just learning stuff from the internet and goofing around, I don’t think it’s half bad. Plus, I have over 70 bottles of nail polish. They are separated by color in baggies. This count does not include the stickers.
  3. I’m likely to post the stuff I’m making. Currently this includes a recycled Birchbox box that I’m making a care package for a far away friend in.

I have some goals for myself.

Bigger picture, I’d like to just keep being better every day. I want to strive to improve everyday. Whether that is my posture, or my swearing habit, or my laziness. I want to be epic and amazing. Smaller picture would be my specific goal to finish all the things I’ve left unfinished over time. That’s the one for the fall and winter, most likely. So you’ll probably see progress reports on those things.

How often will I post?

As often as I can. I’m online more than I care to admit. No, really. More than I care to admit. So hopefully they will be frequent and fascinating.

The rest we’ll just figure out as we go. It’s bound to be a learning journey, but I’m a quick learner. Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “First Post

  1. After LJ wasn’t cutting it anymore, twitter just downright annoyed me, blogger was dissatisfying, and facebook was just….well FB, I started my own on here and this is probably where I stay until some corporate jag-off swoops in and fucks that up too. *Laughs*

  2. e

    i’m so happy about this! if anyone should have a blog, it should be you. i have blogger, and it’s ok but sometimes the layout features are really annoying. i’m looking forward to reading and seeing more !!!

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