Rally at Schenley Park


Last night there was a Raise the Wage/anti Mitt Romney rally in the park by the Library in Oakland. There was popcorn and cake. They had political themed games around, like Sex Ed Cornhole. 

The main attraction was two large screens with a stage in between. The screen on the left was showing political satire and facts about the Bain Corporation. The screen on the right didn’t come on until the actual acceptance speech started. 

Shortly before the speech, a series of speakers got on the stage. Some of them went to Tampa to try to speak to our congressmen about minimum wage. Some got closer than others, but none of them had a ton of success in getting face to face time. Though it didn’t sound like that really surprised anyone. They said they were moved by meeting people from all over with the same concerns, so it was not a negative experience. 

During Romney’s acceptance parade, they showed various slides on the left screen. I got pictures of some of my favorites. They also played the Imperial March while he made his way to the stage, and I thought that was hilarious. It was kind of like a strange version of Mystery Science Theater 3000 or Rocky Horror Picture Show, as we all sat on the lawn in the park, yelling at the snake oil salesman with the strange Stepford like facial expressions. 










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