30 days of lists, September 2012 (Part 1)


My roomie told me about the 30 days of lists project. Anyone can sign up for the PDF with the password to get the prompts. There’s also some places to share and discuss that some might find helpful. 

I decided to do it because I love creative projects. I’ve never approached a thing in my life without a little sense of irreverence, so there will be some humor. I want to try to do each one differently, in terms of the way one can “list” things. I’ve been doing the lists in a notebook, but they can be in any format if you’re playing at home. I’m glad I have a “study buddy” of sorts in this, because we can compare notes. 

#1. I am a “lister” because…



#2. Goals for the month…



#3. My friends and family would describe me as…



#4. When I need a time out I…



#5. Reasons to start ____…



#6. Reasons to quit ____…



So we’re coming around the home stretch of week one, and I’ve at least kept up, for the most part. If you’d like, you can follow the progress daily on Instagram (username: tori_vixen). I’ll be updating with more soon.


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