OPI Matte Finish Top Coat and Me


Kinda like Marley and Me, but a much happier ending.

I had seen some series of photos Sephora posted, maybe about a year ago, of different interesting manicures you can do at home. A few of them featured the OPI Matte Finish Top Coat. So I decided to try it. The first bottle I ordered was broken, snapped off at the thread to screw the lid on. I will say the Sephora customer service was fantastic. No muss, no fuss, I got a replacement. 

I hadn’t used it for a while. But this summer I started seeing a lot of neon going around and I thought it would really pop with the matte finish. So first I looked for a good neon yellow.



This is Spoiled by Wet N Wild in “Did I Dye It Too Blonde?” I had to use a coat of white underneath, because as often the case, I was worried that the yellow would be too sheer on its own. 

I thought the yellow came out well, but I was also on a quest for a good, bright, orangey-red like I’d seen on a lot of manicures out and about. I ended up finding Maybelline Color Show in “Keep Up The Flame”. It, too, needed a coat of white underneath for the same reason. I wasn’t as fond of it, but I’m never keen on red polish on myself.



This week I wanted to try a more neutral color so I opted for OPI’s “Caught With My Khaki’s Down”. Image

My only beef with the top coat is that it seems to actually soften the layers underneath it, or maybe it just takes a longer time to dry. It seems to smudge and get dented easily, until it is fully dry, and even then it seems soft. I don’t know if a clear top coat on top would ruin the “matte finish”, but one might want to try. I am also rather spoiled because 99% of the time I use a quick dry top coat from Sally’s and it’s done in 15 min or less, and I’m out the door. 

Bonus Story:

Nail Tattoos – 



This may be the first Instagram photo I ever too. Awww. These fun little “stick on nail tattoos” come from bigRuby and they come in a bunch of different themed sets. This particular set, I just really wanted the hand grenade on the middle finger, but decided to do the rest as well with the ones from the “His” and “Juju” sets.

Next I’ve been pondering a “Starry Night” theme by doing the navy I have with the Mad Hatter-esque multicolored glitter I have. I would try swirls, but any time I’ve tried it, I’ve failed fairly atrociously. Anyone else have much success? Feel free to let me know the tips… 


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