On Being Trendy…


I subscribe to Birchbox. It’s a service that sends you some pretty sweet beauty samples for about $10 a month. The idea is that you’ll do reviews for extra points, and just even getting a box every month you get points. These points give you money off purchases. The samples are supposed to get you hooked on a product and then you need the full size of it. 

They’ll also send you cute tips, or this month a fall “look book”. One of the things mentioned was the french tip manicure with contrasting colors. I saw this a little over a year ago, on the young ladies on the bus and whatnot, and tried my own. Traditionally, the French tip is done by doing an undercoat of a lighter color. Then blocking of the tips and doing the pink color on the rest of the nail. I’m not a terrible fan of the traditional look. 

I did mine in reverse. I did the under color and allowed it to dry. Then I took masking tape across most of the nail, and painted the tip. I chose orange and gold glitter.



(I know the quality of the photo is crap, but this was from a while ago, when I wasn’t thinking of “how it would look on my blog”.)

And in the same vein, here is further experimentation of “tone on tone” with 2 different yellow colors. Some of them I blocked off with the masking tape. Some are more free form (the dots or the stripe down the middle). 





As usual, I’m always begging for feedback, ideas, suggestions, or stories from readers. So if any of these apply, holla! 


One thought on “On Being Trendy…

  1. J$

    I like the referral to “the young ladies on the bus and whatnot” …we all know those 8 words are in place of another, more specific word!

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