“Look What I Can Do”


… said in her best Stewart voice.

Here from oldest to newest is some of my more recent art work. As always, if you like it, let me know.


My friend started a notebook to pass around amongst friends. This was one of the pages I did. The words are all from movie tickets.



A separate friend turned her birthday party into a fundraiser for literacy. These are the 2 paintings I did for her auction.


Another friend organized a fundraiser to give money towards the Tsunami clean up effort in Japan. I did this painting for their auction.


A friend recruited me to do a CD cover for a friend of theirs. To my knowledge, they never used this. But I liked it.


The Literazzi group that spawned from the friend who dedicated her birthday party to literacy fundraising is working on an anthology yet to be published. I created this collage for them. It will be the back cover of the book when it comes out.


This is not the best shot of it, but this piece was in the Unblurred event (first Friday) in Garfield at Most Wanted Fine Arts Gallery, late last year.


This is one that I did for a good friend for a Mother’s Day gift for his mom. The quote is from Mother Theresa.


This piece I did on a record to be displayed during Vinyl Day at a local theater.

I’m also planning on posting my other miscellaneous work soon. Such as textile, and other crafty type stuff.


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