Press and Stick


Today I’m going to post some photos of nail stickers, press on manicures, and nail tattoos.

Press on manicures:

I’ve had some success with these, and some failures. Surprisingly, my success was with the Sally Hansen brand that you can get at the drug store. My biggest failures were the ones I got from Sephora. Here’s the one that lasted a long time. It matched my dress from the prom benefit I went to. I was rather pleased because it matched my shoes and dress pretty perfectly.


They came in a little kit and went on quite nicely and hung around over a week.

For every success, one finds a failure. As pretty as they were, I just don’t think I live the life of luxury to have rhinestones on my nails. That didn’t stop me from trying.



They popped off pretty quickly. 😦

Unlike the Hello Kitty stickers.



In the reviews on the Sephora website everyone seemed pretty disappointed in them, but I was pleased. They lasted about a week, and were almost tough to take off when the time came. I did put clear coat on top of them, for the record.

Then there are the nail tattoos from BigRuby. They are kinda like the stick on tats you had as a kid. You press them on your nail with a damp cloth. They can be a teeny bit tricky, making sure they are straight and that all of the tattoo has come off onto your nail, but I was very pleased with the look. Plus, they had octopi…



As always, questions comments, opinions, suggestions, etc. are all welcome. Feel free to leave some love.


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