Read My Lips


Here’s the back story, from the beginning. I remember being in middle school and the taunts of having “fish lips and a big Humpty nose”. I was never certain what that meant, but now in addition to being insecure about what I was aware of as a large schnoz, I was concerned about my “fish lips”. 

As I grew up and began experimenting with make-up, they always said to “highlight your best feature”. I always went with my eyes. I quickly mastered liquid eyeliner and played with all kinds of looks. Lipstick I would do on occasion, but being a smoker by high school age, I felt like it never lasted very long and needed reapplied often. 

Recently a few factors have altered my perception. 

Number one: I put on weight during a crappy relationship, and lost some of it during an exceptionally shitty break up. The effect of this was that I noticed when my face got fatter, my big nose was less prevalent, but my lips also seemed to disappear. When I lost some, I noticed I had lips again.

Number two: my really bad eyesight. I have a -10 prescription. I am pretty heavily near sighted. Like the kind of near sighted where you need you glasses from the time you wake up until you go to bed. I can wear contacts, and often do, but I ran out of them. My prescription is expensive. After having bought new glasses it’s going to take a while before I can afford contacts. 

So lately I haven’t been emphasizing my eyes with my make-up routine. I’ve been playing with lipstick.



Tarte “Lucky” and Birchbox Pink lip gloss



Fresh: Sugar “Plum” and “Silvered Plum” (brand of lipstick uncertain at this time)



Sally Girl “1st Crush”



Kat Von D lipstick (I’m not sure of the color name, but it’s a metallic red).

I’ll get contacts soon. But it’s fun to emphasize a part of myself that I’ve kind of rediscovered. 


2 thoughts on “Read My Lips

  1. AmyW

    I think I like the second and third colors the best. Admittedly, they’re closest to the colors I wear, but they’re defining and flattering. 🙂

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