Accent Nails, Glitter, and New Colors


The accent nail.

This trend reminds me of when I was a youth and I’d paint each nail a different color. Sometimes I’d try to do a rainbow, or a variation on a theme. 


The premise is that you paint one nail, generally the ring finger, in a different (usually contrasting) color. 



Glitter. You see it a lot in the world of nail polish. There are fans, and there are people that hate it. I think, like all things, it has its place. I like when it is unusual or interesting in some way.




That’s alternating black and silver nails with black and silver crackle. 

And combining these 2 ideas, I give you the accent nail look with glitters. Bonus? They are also some of my most recently acquired polishes. 



This color is called “Insta-this”. It seemed to go on thick and kinda streaky, and chipped on the first day.



The glitter is a Nicole clear multi glitter. 

These are from the Jessica brand, part of their Fall 2012 collection. I couldn’t even find them on their website, but a friend pointed me to Amazon. Gingersnap and Pumpkin Spice.




The Jessica polishes lasted over a week before they started throwing in the towel. Of course by then I started remembering that I don’t really like brown polishes on myself. But I did enjoy these colors and found them pretty close to the swatches on the site.

Thanks for reading! 


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