Fit For Print


I’ve decided 30 days challenges are not my forte. I gave up on both the list and the photo challenge. Nanowrimo is coming up, and even though I’ve been progressing nicely with the outline for the story that’s been bouncing around my noggin for 2 years, I don’t think it’s ready to be written yet. For those unfamiliar with the project more info can be found here: . I recommend writer friends check it out.

Wednesday a friend and coworker is helping me with a manicure idea. She’s an accomplished doodler responsible for these masterpieces hanging in my cubicle at work:




I was disheartened after the Great Ombre Failure of 2012, but I still have ideas. I even got supplies to attempt the “suede” and “caviar” looks I’ve seen. Also, I saw one done with loose powder that looks promising. I haven’t entirely given up on ombre either. Please forgive my shorty nails, as soon as the weather changes they refuse to behave past any length at all, chipping and peeling on a regular basis. I’ve thought about vitamins and special base coats or changing the remover I use, but so far I haven’t found the key. I’ve been contemplating acrylics, but I’ve never had them long term (I tend to abuse the crap out of my hands and they never last). I don’t know how easy it is to change polish on them with any kind of frequency.

Last night I managed to carve out some me time to accomplish a project. I did it from start to finish. Even though shopping traffic made me an hour late for my niece’s birthday party and putting it together had me up 2 and half hours past bedtime. The idea came from a Pinterest link to a Buzzfeed article. It turned out like this:



Safety pins, elastic, and beads are the only supplies. It took me about 5 hours from start to finish. Next time I’d like to plan for more uniformity. 

I downloaded a tracker app for calories and exercise for my phone. My Fitness Pal, available for iPhone and Android ( You and your friends can follow each other’s progress and it already has tons of foods entered in by users, so it’s pretty easy to find the calories of something you’re looking for and you get some back for activity (most of which is already in there as well). 

There are currently lot’s of things to blog about, even if I don’t always have the time to actually do so. As always, feel free to leave thoughts and suggestions. They really do make me feel like someone is paying attention. 



3 thoughts on “Fit For Print

  1. J$

    Vitamin B!! That’s what I hear- my friend started losing hair. And thanks to Vitamin B, she’s got the best hair and nails in all of…well. She has nicer nails than I do. And yours are not “shorties”! (though I laughed) …you’ve got normal, small hands. (smell like cabbage…carnies) PS- I LOVE being part of your bliggity blog! LOVE, J 😀

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