white “diamonds” and black “velvet”


First I tried loose glitter, specifically Sally Girl, over Essie “Marshmellow”.




In case you’re wondering, I put the glitter on top of the clear top coat while it was wet.

Then comes the attempt at the “suede manicure” I’ve seen. The DIY version I’ve seen calls for “flocking”. I only happen to know this really exists because I know modeling hobbyists who use it for terrain, but the woman at Micheal’s looked at me like I grew a second head. So I ended up with embossing powder. 





The first set of pictures is right after I did it, these are the next day. 





Still a really interesting texture, but not looking as soft and fuzzy anymore. Next time I will make sure it is “flocking”. I still need to find really small pearl beads to try the “caviar” manicure, but I will eventually.



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