I was supposed to have an art show this Wednesday that didn’t end up coming to fruition due to a leaky roof. Such is life.

I spent last weekend at home, trying to feel motivated to create new pieces for the show. I had tried to make something on Friday that failed on a couple levels, so I’m feeling my creative self esteem at a fairly astounding low.

So Saturday night I took the huckleberries I had in the fridge and tried to make a jam… Only I forgot to get pectin… So it didn’t really “gel”, but it was still tasty and I ate it with fancy cheese. Later it got added onto a cake we dubbed “Frankencake”.


On Tuesday we had our annual Thanksgiving Lunch at work. Personally, this is one of my favorite work events and everyone looks forward to it. It’s essentially a potluck, with the main courses of turkey, ham, stuffing, and potatoes provided by our caterer Common Plea. I made a large pan of lasagna. The morning started off with a struggle. I had decided to drive in early, thinking I’d park near the hall and make transportation of aforementioned lasagna easy. I should have just taken the bus, because every lot in the city ended up full and I had to park 11 blocks away in the Strip District anyhow. Meanwhile, if I had taken the bus, I would only had to have walked 2 blocks from the bus stop. C’est la vie…

It ended up being a magnificent spread and all’s well that ends well… with a full tummy.





Last night I went to a bonfire. We burned the things we’d like to be rid of in our lives and gave our host things we want to grow in our lives to bury that she’s going to plant something over. Hopefully I’ll be rid of some indecisiveness and procrastination and I’ll see my voice bloom…


I got some cool shots that just conveniently looked like a bird in the flames..

Another guest brought this book to burn…


The story behind it is that it was given by an ex and every time a relationship ends she rereads it, but casting it away is saying, “There is nothing wrong with me that is causing these relationships to fail, they just aren’t the right ones.” And I thought that was quite inspirational.



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