Triumphant Return


I know, I know. No sooner do I preach about consistency and make a commitment to post every Monday, than I kind of drop off the face of the earth for a couple of weeks. I’m working on improving that. I saw an info graphic that had me contemplating moving my posts to Fridays, but that never seemed to pan out time wise.

I’ve made some small things. I made a bracelet with string and washers. There was a prototype and a refined model. 





I found a dollar store at a lesser frequented mall, while I was waiting to get my car inspected, and I found these wooden bracelets that were in different finishes. I also got one of those free animal magazines in the mail with adorable cat pictures. Put the 2 together with a little mod podge and metallic sharpies and I made this. 

Before Sharpie:



After Sharpie: 



Meanwhile, a coworker had asked me to make a cuff bracelet after seeing my furry leopard one that I made for myself a while back. I brought in some samples and we both liked this shiny Asian print fabric that I got from The Public Theater when they had their fall sale. 



On the “model”:



More to come soon, hopefully. 


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