So I’ve been dreaming of a DIY Caviar Manicure, ever since I saw it on a nail blog. But for the life of me, I could not find small enough beads at the craft store. So when I got the Sephora Winter catalog (well, to be entirely honest, my roommate did) and saw the Caviar Mini Bar gift set, and had a really good coupon, I dove upon it like a ravenous jackal. 



From the Sephora website:

Note — I couldn’t find the picture for the actual mini bar set. They may be out of stock. But the set has 4 different types of beads and 4 paint colors, plus a funnel to pour the extra beads back into the bottle. It also comes with a little instruction manual, but it’s fairly easy.

I elected to do an accent nail with the pearls and silver underneath. The black is not from the set.







I’d say it has some staying power, about a week, with a thin layer of top coat. As long as one can resist picking at it, which for me isn’t easy. Also, I don’t know if it was because my nails are shorter, but the the tips felt scratchy. I’d recommend wearing gloves when doing the dishes or washing your hair, if you really want it to last.


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