On A Personal Level


Taking a moment to reorganize my thoughts here. Every so often I like to review my goals, internally, and see where I’d like to go from here.

My goal for the fall was to finish unfinished projects, an it looks like this goal will carry over into the winter:

  1. I want to finish my failed lace and watercolor painting. I’d like to create a tentacled Madonna (the religious icon, not the pop star) and print it on brown paper and decoupage that on the canvas.
  2. I want to finish the mosaic looking painting with either a quote or stencil. 
  3. I need to finish stringing the last of the safety pin bracelets I created.
  4. My ginormous quilt still daunts and calls to me intermittently. I’m not sure I can make it a functional blanket, but even if it was a giant wall hanging, I think I’ve put too much blood, sweat, and tears to have it remain folded in my closet, unfinished, for eternity.
  5. The basket weave purse, while too labor intensive to ever actually be sold, would be really interesting to finish and use. 

Also, I feel a purge coming on. With the current subscription to the Birchbox service sending me make up and beauty items once a month, and my general addiction to purchasing these items on a whim, I have more than I can use. You can’t donate slightly used eyeshadow to the less fortunate, so I’ll have to throw it away. Some of it is way past regular agreeable guidelines for sanitation purposes anyway. Some eyeshadow is probably… about 8 years old or so?… Look, don’t judge me. There are some colors I’ve held on to because you just can’t find them now. 

And don’t get me started on my nail polish collection. It’s looking like it’s going to overflow a beach bag. That ain’t right. 

So it’s all gotta go. Make up, clothes, jewelry, I’m sure the list will go on. I’ll try to free cycle or craigslist as much as I can. But I need to make some room for new things, new shiny things. The hardest part will be purging my craft supplies. Emotionally, I will have to overcome the urge of “I can reuse that”.

I will also be continuing to work on my zombie story and hopefully start a personal sketchbook, just for my own funsies (to experiment, etc.). I’d love to make it out of paper or old maps or something, but that might be ambitious. I also plan on keeping my word about blogging every Monday. It seems to be a good day for it, generally. At least for me posting it that is, y’all can read it whenever you see fit. I’d also like to make the blog look better, with a pretty layout and header, etc.

My weight and health also continue to be a struggle. In the coming year, I’d like to renew the promise to me to take better care of myself. And yes, someday I’ll make some grown up decisions. I need to get a stranglehold on my finances. I need to decide if I ever actually want to go back to school, or just let that sleeping dog lie. I’d like to buy a house before I’m 40. I may at some point decide I need a grown up career. Someday I’d like to have a car from the current millennium. Ideally, I’d like to reopen my Etsy store to make some money off the things I make. My last attempt was a bust. But all those things will be dealt with on their own time. 


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