Latest Efforts


Some more successful than others…

I did what was essentially a “holiday version” of the Mermaid Nails manicure I blogged about this Summer. I wasn’t going to post it, until my gynie complimented me on them…





It’s Leaf Him at the Altar by OPI with a dollar store multi green glitter and Milani gold glitter on top. 

Then I tried again to do the “ombre” nails. Well, to be fair, I’ve been anxious after my last failed attempt. Initially I was going to use loose eye shadow on top of a coat of white, like I had seen another blogger do, but I couldn’t find the original post. Instead I ended up find a tutorial about doing ombre nails with an eye shadow sponge.

It wasn’t difficult. The sponge works nicely, unlike when I tried to use a make up wedge sponge. I feel like following the tutorial, I didn’t end up with as much color as I would have liked. From a distance, it came off primarily white. 





It’s messy technique. You will require some clean up.







I’m still planning on doing a manicure with eye shadow and further practice with ombre nails in the future.

Right now, my nails are naked. This winter has not been kind. They’ve been peeling like the devil. I bought a bottle of Biotin, because I saw a post on Pinterest. I’ll let you know if it seems to be working…


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