Love Of A Cat


I started this painting last Spring. I began with by creating a pattern with overlapping circles.



I chose a cool color palette, with yellow for contrast. 



It was a long time between that stage and the next step. I moved across the city. Life kinda got in the way. I wanted to use a stencil, but after some thought, I also wanted to put a quote on it. 

The other day I was thinking about how I have a bunch of masking tape. And I thought that I could use that to create the stencil. I found a quote about a subject near and dear. 



“What better gift than the love of a cat?” — Charles Dickens

I also thought about not wanting to lose the pattern I had created, so I decided to cut around the letters and sponge black.





When I took the rest of the masking tape off, I felt like the quote wasn’t easily readable, so I decided to outline the words with a thin white line.





Because it’s for a friend, and I’m mailing it, I won’t be framing it. I hope she likes it.


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