Just For Me


For Christmas I received a moleskin sketchbook. In the continued spirit of learning to do things for myself, in the sense of my own pleasure or learning, this sketchbook is just me for me. 

In the interest of sharing, here’s what I’ve done so far.



For the inaugural page I decided I wanted to do some etching. I covered the page in layers of oil pastel. Since I did the reds and oranges under the black, it inspired the flames and the rest spiraled off from there.



For my 2nd sketch I wanted to revisit the watercolors over white crayon. It was more successful on paper than it was on the canvas. I wish I had more of planned sketch, this was more of a doodle. But it was more of an experiment.



The 3rd page I wanted to do an actual sketch. I haven’t tried to sketch with any serious intent in a long time. I decided to work from a photograph of my cat.



For the 4th page I revisited the painting over glue. This time I did a rough sketch and used watercolors. Acrylics probably would have been more opaque. I then used oil pastel on the open spaces and etched to create the clouds.



The 5th page I decided to try blocking out spaces with masking tape and painted with watercolors.. I created the diagonal stripes by coloring the page with oil pastels, using more masking tape, and etching the diamonds. I really like this one, actually, it has a post modern feel to it. I thought about doing more work and judiciously decided to edit at this point and leave it be. 

I have more ideas, and I’m looking forward to creating more, even if I don’t know were the experiments are taking me.


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