Is it Monday again?

I guess that means it’s time for a post. I’ve been sticking to my promise to myself to post weekly, on Monday/Sunday nights. At first I thought I’d post something more philosophical, but I wasn’t feeling the vibe. So I think I’ll just update with the weekend and what’s going on.

This weekend was more than a little crazy, but in a good way. Friday night after work I went to see John Waters comedy/speaking engagement at the Carnegie Music Hall. For those of you unfamiliar with John Waters he is a filmmaker and connaisseur of the unusual and outlandish. He is probably most well known for his movies Pink Flamingos, where the lead character played by the female impersonator Devine eats an actual dog turd. But his most famous mainstream movie would probably be Hairspray, which was a movie with Ricky Lake, then a musical with Nathan Lane, and then a movie again (adapted from the musical) with John Travolta. 

John was very warm, amusing, and insightful. He talked about everything from his thoughts on Justin Bieber to “blossoms”. I bought a signed copy of his book and a t-shirt that says “Have Sex In a Voting Booth” (a reference to his movie Pecker); which I forgot that I was wearing the following day at the grocery store until a woman I had seen in various aisles smiled at me warmly and said, “I love your shirt.” As John kept talking about his age, I was struck with the impression that this man is an oral historian of the perverse in pop culture, and a national treasure unlikely to ever be duplicated. A great influence on my own life, inspiring me to be the weird little creature I’ve become. 

Saturday night we had a small, intimate gathering at the house. We attempted to use an antique Ouija board with little success. We presented the theories that the house just isn’t haunted by the spirit world, or else we’re all a little too mature and jaded for such things. That won’t ever stop me from playing with a Ouija board, regardless of the reason. Those things are just plain fun. Later, we all drifted off to slumber to the Hunger Games movie, like all good slumber parties do. Ouija board and YA Lit film adaptations, FTW.

Sunday I drove my friend home and had such a rampant case of navel gazing discourse that I drove a good thirteen miles out of the way.  I was in such good company that I didn’t notice until a sign said “Hempfield Dinner”, then I was pretty sure I wasn’t in Kansas anymore, Dorothy. 

Sunday night I got to dip my toe back into the gaming world with a night of Shadows Over Camelot with my friends at their home. I ended up missing all of the Puppy Bowl, which I am a little sad about, but I’m so glad to get to play again. Games have been a part of my life that I have been missing fervently and these friends are good company. There were lots of belly laughs and good-natured ribbing to be had. 

So onward to another week that looks just as busy. Tonight I’m taking a hip hop dance class with the girls from work and tomorrow I get my hair cut finally. Later in the week I get to take the cats in to the vets. 

I’ve made a new promise to myself. I know it seems like I’m making one every week, but I don’t mind the struggle. I do want to try to re-institute my “me night” once a week. One night to do what pleases me, once a week. It’s good for the soul, really, to try to set aside some time for myself, peace, and wellness. 

Otherwise, I’ve broke my January break from painting my nails and despite my assertion that I was not going to tweeze my eyebrows until they had grown in all the way and then get them waxed or try to thread them, I ended up tweezing them again. So I’m back to being 75% less Frida Kahlo. I’ve started actually reading one of the books that are on my current reading list. There is a movie that I just have to see that came out this week and one I really want to see coming out next week. I’m meeting with friends later this week to plan a trip this summer to Maine. So I guess what I’m saying is I’m back to juggling all the things. Back to a full, rich life. 

I keep learning everyday what it means to live my life for me and not someone else. I have heart palpitating moments when I realize the scope of opportunity before me. If I can make the decision and the commitment, I know that I can have anything I want. It’s the same feeling of standing on a cliff, waiting to jump, excited and scared. I can only hope great things are on the horizon.


One thought on “Mondays

  1. I met John Waters when I worked in the Programming Department at the PGH Cultural Trust. We had a VIP pre-party from him and he introduced himself to me! One of the nicest people I ever met. He didn’t assume that I knew who he was and we actually chatted a couple times that night. His show ws great- I learned about “blossoms” and “bears” that night!

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