femme: nude colors, lace, and sparkle


I couldn’t find a photo of my most recent inspiration. I saw a red carpet dress that had a nude colored bodice with either rhinestone lace pattern, or perhaps sequins. Lately I’m kind of into lace, as it appeals to my obsession with layers. 

I did find some photos along that theme, so you get the jumping off point.











My first idea was a very pale pink with a rosy gold glitter on top.



Next I did the ELF color “Desert Haze” with little rhinestones and mixed glitter. 



It was really tricky to take tweezers and try to put those tiny little rhinestones on right where I wanted them. 

Speaking of rhinestones, I don’t think I live the life of leisure to have rhinestones on my nails. Not that that fact will stop me when I want to wear them, but maybe I need to try some super glue the next time. They just pop off when you reach into your pocket. Not durable at all.

Most recently I used the same Desert Haze color with a lace pattern sticker from the same set as the rhinestones. I tried a light gold glitter on the tips, though I don’t think it’s very noticeable. 



This might be the closest so far. I’d like to find a really good actual lace to cut and glue. I haven’t found a good lace to use thus far, but I’ll keep an eye out. These lace pattern stickers were also bothersome because they came in one large strip that I had to cut to separate. 

I’m also taking the Biotin again. I honestly think the most notable difference is the ring finger on my right hand that likes to split if the nail grows to any length. It seems less likely to split. Of course it split again recently, which is when I decided to start taking the Biotin again. 

Don’t know why I’m on such a feminine kick, but it’s just a nice change of pace. We’re all longing for Spring, here in Pittsburgh. Despite the bulb plants peeking (due to some serious Spring weather cock teases), Winter weather seems to be reluctant to release its grip. 

Here’s to Spring ahead.



One thought on “femme: nude colors, lace, and sparkle

  1. liz

    you need crinoline!! and silk! and ribbons!!! and tulle! love the lace nails, would really like to see how an actual piece of lace would turn out…great idea!

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