This week I was inspired by a suggestion that you can create more precise polka dots with the head of a nail. I know, sounds so easy that you should have thought of it yourself, right?



This comes from the Pinterest link that leads to this tutorial:

My first manicure came from one I saw online based off a dress. It was grey, with small gold and white dots. I added some nude to mine.


I think the nude may have been to close of a shade to the grey.




I didn’t do it intentionally, but it does match my softball t shirt for this season. We call ourselves “13 Shades of Gray”. And then I randomly acquired a grey lighter. Synchronicity strikes. 

Then this weekend, I was quite delighted to have a visit from my friend Elizabeth. Elizabeth is an artist who grew up in Pittsburgh, but moved to New Jersey during high school. She currently lives on the other side of Pennsylvania, but we keep in touch. 

Sunday there was a brief patch of warm sun on an otherwise 50 degree day. Elizabeth is an avid nail polish fan as well, so we thought it would be fun to make a cup of tea, sit on the back patio in the sun. She offered to paint my nails.



The inspiration was 80’s glam rock. 



We used a larger nail head for a bigger dot.



It was a great visit. 

Now back to busy. Art All Night project to finish, and a lawn to manicure on Earth Day, oddly enough. Looking forward to sharing more with you soon!



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