Art All Night 2013


This weekend was Pittsburgh’s Art All Night event, Saturday April 27-28. It was held in a warehouse on Willow St, near the 40th St Bridge in the Lawrenceville area of town. It’s a big night in Pittsburgh, and the “Sweet 16” for the event. ( Not only is it open enrollment for any artist to enter, but there are live performances, live art, opportunities to collaborate in interactive displays, and children’s activities including a cardboard city. To make it all the more impressive, it is entire volunteer operated.

My friends Tina, Kelly, Bill, and I went down in the evening. I saw drag performer Moon Baby  wandering about, towering over the crowd in her white wedding dress and long auburn wig. I saw the owner of the ER Room, local purveyor of vinyl and leather clothing and fetish wear, in a purple and black vinyl ensemble.

I ran into friends like Erin, and Holly, who I haven’t seen in years, and friends like Joseph who I don’t get to hang out with enough. There were friends like Natalie and Chuck that I just barely missed, and wished I wouldn’t have. It was an excellent night.

This is the piece that I entered:


Originally, I had photographed this mosaic step by step for this post… Then one morning my phone decided it was not long for this world. So I give you the final results.

Collectively, it took about 4 evenings worth of work to put it together. The frame and the tile are from The Society for Creative Reuse and Construction Junction. The glass beads were lying around and the antique buttons come from my friend Eric. I really wanted them peeking through the grout, like little gems.

I had wanted to paint on some of the tile, but that didn’t work out like I wanted it to, so we came to decoupage with stamping. But I really do like the way it turned out.

This is the photo I took when I finally found it on display:


There was so much to see, that I had to ask them at the volunteer desk where it was located. My friend Natalie took this picture of it, when she found it. It’s much better than my slapdash out of focus shot.


As much as possible I tried to get pictures of my friend’s work, some of these I honestly just swiped off their Facebook pages. But they are awesomely talented artists that you should look up.

This piece entitled “The Fantastic Four” was done by my friend Chuck Sites, who also designed my next tattoo if I ever stop being poor and save up the money to get it done. (The Galactus/Ghostbuster’s piece is Chuck’s, and still available for sale.)


There were also pieces by friends and owners of Most Wanted Art gallery on Penn Ave, Nina Gibbs and Jason Sauer:




It was an excellent experience, and one I recommend checking out next year if you missed it this time around. It left me with a feeling of renewed energy to tackle new, and partially started, projects. Of which I’m sure to be posting about as I go. If you were there and liked anything you saw, but you didn’t put in a bid, on their website they have “Art All Night All Year” where photos are uploaded by the artists of pieces for sale. And don’t forget to volunteer next year! It’s good for the soul.


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