Pittsburgh Art Car Show 2013


Let me start off the bat by apologizing for my lack of “journalistic integrity” on this post. I didn’t get any participants names. I totally didn’t take any notes. I was a vendor, and it was my first time ever being that. So I was a nervous wreck that choked on her coffee before the show started.

I guess I should start from the beginning.

The show was from 12-4. My mother, my willing and consenting unpaid labor, picked me up with table and chairs in her car. I didn’t have an epic ton of inventory, or an elaborate set up. I used my old CBGB’s shower curtain for a table cloth, because I figured if I could call it “punk”, I wouldn’t feel so embarrassed about not being the most professional. I had borrowed a friend’s canopy, but as the day began the forecast only predicted a high of low 70’s, so we didn’t suspect we’d need it. (This is what the kids call “foreshadowing”.) By the time 12 approached, my mother and I dissected the contents of the canopy bag, but neither of us had ever assembled one and made the judgement we would carry on without it.

Here is my table right before the start:


I didn’t get any pictures but Phat Man Dee and her husband Tommy Amoeba performed first. Then the cars arrived.

There was a tiki car:





There was also what I was calling the “shiny car”, although I did not catch its actual name:


(Okay, I guess that license plate in the window says “THAT CAR”.)




There was also an incredibly Gothic looking van that had a plate that said “VANADU”:




This van had a stove and a rocking chair inside, and since I didn’t get a photo, you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Most Wanted Fine Arts Gallery also had their own decorated cars. I’m fairly certain from the condition of the one I photographed, that it had to of participated in at least one demolition derby. But I cannot confirm that.


There was also the “Signature Van”. I’ve seen it around. They encourage you to put stickers or sign on the car.


And this person was cleverly selling hot rod magnets, by displaying them on his/her car. Sneaky…


There was a live art competition.

car2 car3 car4 car5


There was also a pin up competition. This woman was the winner.



I’m sorry I missed getting a photo of Trixie, Trundle Manor’s car. But they did make it into the paper.



Lastly, I procure one small treasure for myself. Among the other vendors there was a “flea market”, at which I found this pocket  watch. No, it doesn’t work. Yes, I bought it anyway. Who knows what I’ll do with it?



The day ended with a small profit, a sunburn on half of my body (remember that foreshadowing?), and a giant burger at Tessaro’s with my mother. Thanks to Nina and Jason from Most Wanted Fine Arts for having me and my friends who came out to show their support. I had a great time and hope to do things like this again!



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