Reveal the Real


It all started with another one of those posts. They are supposed to be affirming. There is a photo of a plus sized model, but they have blown out the photo with a bright light so half of her is shaded, or they’ve photo shopped her to hide her stomach, or they’ve dressed her in a corset and put a panel of black fabric on either side of her dress. All these “tricks” to make her look as thin as possible. That doesn’t strike me as affirming. My other pet peeve with this end of the spectrum are the slogans. Usually saying things that puts down thin women.

Among my friends, we’ve been discussing “body positive” ideas, and wanting to create real world events. We haven’t gotten that far yet, but I had the idea for a virtual one. Along with a group of 4 other women, we discussed the idea and strategy, and came up with the name “Reveal The Real”.


This was the logo I created, and another friend helped me format it so I use it for the event.

We launched it in the beginning of October, and it’ll go until the beginning of November. Here is the description and the rules:

October means Halloween is coming up, a perfect time to be whoever you want to be. We think you are beautiful without photo shop or digital alteration! We want to see you in the way that makes you feel sexy. You’re body is a wonderful thing and you should feel empowered to show it off in a safe environment. So go ahead, don’t wait until Halloween to be sexy and creative. Post something today and share this event with you friends, and tell them to share it with their friends. We want to be inclusive!

This event was created with positive body image in mind. We encourage you to love yourself and be courageous by posting a photo of yourself here.

Everyone is welcome: men, women, trans, young, old, slim, medium, big, short, tall, every color and ability. Please invite your friends and loved ones!

What body positive means to us:
Every human is uniquely beautiful, just the way you are or want to be seen. Everyone has scars, stretchmarks, cellulite, body hair, hair loss, discoloration, or asymmetry. No one looks like a photo in a magazine and not every magazine photo speaks to all walks of life. We want to promote healthy self-esteem by taking today to post bold and revealing photos of ourselves on our own terms. We hope you’ll join us.

Here are the rules:
1. This is an 18 and over event. No minors.
2. Post an unaltered photo of yourself in whatever you feel comfortable in. Underwear or bathing suits are welcome and encouraged.
3. No exposed genitalia. If you want to post a nude photo, you must be covering your genitals. Nipples are not genitalia.
4. No pornography. No sexual acts.
5. Anything posted here is the intellectual property of the poster. Please do not copy, repost, share, or alter the images without the explicit permission of the person who posted it.
6. This is intended to be a positive experience. If you attempt to ridicule someone with the guts to post, you’re out, point blank.
7. If you don’t feel brave enough, quite yet, to post your own photo, it’s okay to post related links that are thought provoking and on topic.
8. Have fun and if you have any questions, ask one of the hosts.
9. The hosts of this event reserve the right to remove photos or remove someone from this event for any reason. Let’s all try to behave ourselves, okay?

Thanks for being a part of what we hope will be an amazing and affirming day!

I’m not sure if you’ll be able to see the event, now that it’s not public, but this is the link:

I invited my entire friends list. At the time of this post we’ve got 80 attendees, 31 “maybes”, and just shy of 1,500 invited. The only small pitfall so far was, perhaps, having it public. I didn’t realize that would make anything you post show up in your friend’s feeds. But luckily, it didn’t end up blowing up too big. One of the moderators had the good idea to do a survey after the event to get feedback for future ideas. So that information will probably be included in a wrap up later on.

Hopefully everyone feels welcome, has fun, and finds some insight and self love, with a big group of like minded people.


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