It’s warm there.

And in that space, I dream of being free.

I try to think myself out of this body, out of these restrictions,

 into the space beyond.

Out into the world where hearts are beating,

And people are living. So tired of being small,

Being quiet, being cold.

There are days where I make myself hold my head up,

Push my shoulders back,

And remind myself that my life is just as valid as anyone else’s.

I am a whole and worthy person, without living a movie or a book.

My perception is not limited by my experience.

I will find my path, my pace, my rhythm.

I will hit my stride.

Who says I haven’t? I have a voice. I have an opinion.

I have been defiantly myself for 35 years. I have cultivated myself from the experience.

This life is defiantly singular.

What I come into tactile, emotional contact with can be shared,

But inherently, we live alone through our struggles, triumphs, failures, and quiet moments of beauty. 


And Here Are The Nails


So, after a quick scan I guess I really haven’t posted any nail stuff since June. It’s okay, I’d like to think my posts have content. But maybe you’ve missed the nail ideas. So I’ll post some now.

This is what I did tonight. I’ve never had any success with creating ombre with a sponge, so I’ll do it over the entire nails themselves.




These are the colors I used. L to R: elf “Dark Navy”, Nailslicks “Starry Blue”, Sally Girl “Mean Streak”, Color Club “Insta-this”, Bon Bons


Thanksgiving day I had time before getting down to the business of eating. So I tried to do something festive without being over the top.




The red is from Dots (no brand or color name), Essie “Marshmallow”, and Hello Kitty nails stickers from Sephora

Halloween was good this year. Since it was on a weekday, all the festivities were the weekend before. My costume was simple and 90% of it was either free or already in my closet.

Can you guess what it is?...

Can you guess what it is?…

I got the paint chips from the home improvement store. I already had the hoodie, shoes, skirt. I happened to find the socks at the Halloween store, when a friend pointed them out. Did you guess what it is yet?… 50 shades of grey! Ta-da! Okay, so I saw it on the internet. The only thing I hadn’t anticipated was the way the paint chips would crinkle up under a seat belt.

So in the same vein, I did a manicure to match.


Earlier in the month, I went to a friend’s wedding. This was the manicure I went with.



L to R: OPI "Caught With My Khakis Down", OPI "Metro Chic", and Essie "Sand Tropez"

L to R: OPI “Caught With My Khakis Down”, OPI “Metro Chic”, and Essie “Sand Tropez”

I created this one by painting the base color. Then I taped off at an angle, and used the secondary color, taping again at an opposite diagonal once that was dry for the third color. I alternated colors for base, 2nd, and 3rd. I think the color palette kind of had a fun poke at the bad color schemes of the late 80’s, with the graphic element to boot. Or at least that was my thought process.

Of course, if life was just successes, what would be learned? Here our hero learns that not everything you watch on the internet is for the amatuer. I saw a tutorial in which the artist picked out chunky glitter from a clear polish and created designs with it. It was labor intensive, and my results made it really not worth the effort.

Starting with a nude...

Starting with a nude…


Chunky glitter in clear base on foil, so you can (ideally) pick up the big glitter pieces with a toothpick.

Chunky glitter in clear base on foil, so you can (ideally) pick up the big glitter pieces with a toothpick.

first row

first row

2nd row

2nd row

3rd row, final product.

3rd row, final product.

Maybe practice makes perfect, and someday I’ll come up with something better using this technique….

I got some new texture polishes.

textured white and navy

textured white and navy

trying out variations with OPI's liquid sand. Glitter, crackle, plain, and then a regular gold.

trying out variations with OPI’s liquid sand. Glitter, crackle, plain, and then a regular gold.

I’m currently not terribly crazy about the texture polishes. I don’t really see much difference in them from some glitters. The white just reminded me of “way back when”, when I used to white out. 

To close out here’s a simple one with an accent nail. Nude and gold.



And now, I feel like maybe I’ve brought everyone a little bit more up to speed. I hope the nail fanatics hadn’t lost faith that I would continue to do fun nails stuff. I guess I didn’t want to be a nail blogger only. I don’t know that I can do a blog devoted to just one topic. I love a variety of things. Now that winter is creeping in, I’m sure you’ll get to see more art work as we all become sequestered until the green starts to poke out of the ground again… Not to mention there is Christmas crafting to come! So stay tuned for all the good things…