It’s warm there.

And in that space, I dream of being free.

I try to think myself out of this body, out of these restrictions,

 into the space beyond.

Out into the world where hearts are beating,

And people are living. So tired of being small,

Being quiet, being cold.

There are days where I make myself hold my head up,

Push my shoulders back,

And remind myself that my life is just as valid as anyone else’s.

I am a whole and worthy person, without living a movie or a book.

My perception is not limited by my experience.

I will find my path, my pace, my rhythm.

I will hit my stride.

Who says I haven’t? I have a voice. I have an opinion.

I have been defiantly myself for 35 years. I have cultivated myself from the experience.

This life is defiantly singular.

What I come into tactile, emotional contact with can be shared,

But inherently, we live alone through our struggles, triumphs, failures, and quiet moments of beauty. 


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