We made it. We survived through Christmas (or the selective winter holiday of your choice), and into a new year, another one. It was a nice holiday, for the most part. I saw friends and loved ones. I got things I asked for and surprises I was quite pleased with. And even if they faked it, my friends and family seemed generally pleased with the presents I got for them. I have many new shades of nail polish that I’m looking forward to using. New Year’s Eve this year was also a fun adventure. I managed to make it to 3 parties (including the one at my house) and a brief stint at a local bar, all with really great people that I’m really happy that I’ve gotten close to.

After Christmas, I have had the week of New Year’s off. I dreamed about this week for most of the month, creating lofty goals of things I’d like to accomplish. I have 4 days left. I’m thinking it’s time to make a list, cut the wheat from the chaff, and prioritize. I’ll try not to set myself up for disappointment. I still want the whole world. I want to be thinner, smarter, more creative. I want to  be all the things. I’ll have to learn not to “settle” for just being me but celebrate it.

At the end of 2012, I sent a request into the ether to find my voice, to find that defining trait that is a distinct signature to myself. I don’t know that I did. I might be closer. I am still stumbling and picking up pieces and then trying again.

Currently there is also a cable shaped hole in my heart. We’ve recently made a drastic reduction in our cable package and replaced it with Netflix and Hulu Plus. Everyone knows my addiction to pretty awful television. Now, I had high hopes this would encourage productivity, but so far it has lead to a lot of  binge watching of really weird shows.

I’m also going to try very, very hard to stick to a much more strict fiscal budget. I wish to slay the credit demon. But of course, that’s when a 2nd spring is beginning to worm out of my mattress and I send a silent devotion to St. Christopher with every trip on Pittsburgh roads with their post-snow salt craters, riding on my thinning tires with their slow leaks; still in “shock and awe” over this month’s heating bill. (I did make draft blockers for the doors with the legs of old jeans yesterday. Necessity is the mother of invention, and whatnot.)

And then moving forward… I wanted to stop by the blog and update on the things. There is still much I want to do, so perhaps I should get to them. Soon I’ll post more artwork, and more nail stuff. Maybe I’ll have news about being healthy and happy in the New Year. We’ll see what will be come of the newborn babe that is 2014.


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