Brain Dump…


It’s quiet and I’m at home with the cats. There is a fridge full of food and beer, and liquor in the cabinet. I’m tired out after the weekend, and haven’t really been able to “catch up”. I’m trying. I’m trying to do all the bits, all the pieces. I wrote a proposal for an art show. Soon I’ll start getting a presentation ready on gaming for middle school kids. I’m trying to finish a basket/purse that I started years ago, and still trying to think how to finish it off. I’ve been spending time with someone that I really enjoy their company. They make me laugh. They are kind to me and I look forward to seeing where this could go. I’ve been cycling through the new nail polish I got for Christmas. I bought a bunch of nail wraps from a Jamberry party. I think I’m having one. It’s an online affair. You can’t actually just straight out buy them without being part of a party. It’s supposed to snow again, because it hasn’t snowed enough… I’m really going to try to go to bed early. I want to make dinner in the crock pot tomorrow. Maybe I’ll post some recent pictures soon. Thursday there is an Open Mic, Friday there will be a Philip Seymour Hoffman memorial watching of the Big Lebowski, and Saturday there is pudding wrestling. I made a follow up appointment for Renfield today. I had to discontinue this round of antibiotics towards the end, it was upsetting his stomach. I need to do laundry, clean my room, and do my chores. We are on the cusp of the busy time at the day job. Tomorrow will come too fast. It always comes too fast. I’m going to go prepare all the food for lunch and dinner for tomorrow before bed. 

And breathe….


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