I (Finally) Did It!


I finally finished that goddamned basket.

Our story begins in high school, really. That’s where I learned this basket weaving technique. It’s essentially a coiled basket, but it’s made by attaching the new layer to the old by looping back onto itself every so often. Yes, I’m horrible at actual explanations. Just like I’m pretty shit at directions.

This lady seems to have some good tutorials, though I couldn’t get any sound on the first one for starting it, but you can get the drift from watching it. Once you understand the basic premise, you can do all kinds of stuff. You need a sturdy base to wrap around, I’ve used rope or thick twine, and yarn (or the likes – I’ve also used hemp for a larger sturdier project). I made a small basket like this:


I also made a mat to go underneath the litter box that was just a large flat coil, so it doesn’t even have to be a “basket”. I guess kids learn this stuff in grade school and make pot holders, from my understanding. But I made a fancy pants basket that took far too long. It started somewhere around December 2008/January 2009. I wanted a rectangular shape, instead of a circle. So this is what the bottom ended up looking like:


You can see I coiled around for a few rounds, then I went back and forth to get the shape I wanted. Then I started building up the sides.


It’s hard to remember back that far, but I think I got the yarn on sale, intending to knit. And then discovered I’m not really awesome, currently, at knitting. I don’t like to waste things. Who does? So I “re-purposed” the yarn into this project. I like the color scheme, though. Then as I went up, I added some wooden beads. I just looped through with the yarn while I was looping around the twine.


There’s a pretty big time gap here. After getting all the way up to that large round bead on the last coils towards the top, I began trying to think how I wanted to affix a handle or strap. I was going to create one out of similar colored embroidery floss, but it was taking forever. Eventually this project sat in my closet for years, so near completion, yet so far… It would make eventual to-do lists, but never the priority. Until I lost my job, then I pulled it out and decided to just make a lid and screw the handle.


I did the lid as almost a reverse of the bottom. The base you start from the center and work outward. For the lid, I decided to work from the outside in to the the shape I wanted.


Then, finally it was done. I don’t know where it’s going to go, or what purpose it serves. I don’t think I could even legitimately “sell” it, because it took me 5 years to make and I think the lid is kind of wonky. But I’m glad I finished something, anything, to feel like this “time off” wasn’t a waste of life. Next? Maybe the quilt of doom? Oh boys and girls, the future is unwritten.


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