Just peachy


I know, I know. I need new nail polish like a hole in the head. I have been abstaining very well. But I do still look from time to time, and I saw this pretty vanilla/yellow that caught my eye. And the color’s name is “Unicorn”. C’mon, I’m only human…



The inspiration for this mani was a combination of these two ideas.



I’ve been ruminating over that 2nd image for a while. I like the idea of doing variations on a theme, with something different on each nail, but coming together in something like a color or texture, etc. I’ve been thinking about peach since I got the peach Nails Inc Feather Effects. I had tried it on it’s own:



I felt like it would probably look better on top of another color, but I liked the confetti aspect of it. 

So with these factors in mind, I went through my colors and selected the new yellow, an orange, and a pinky peach. I decided I wanted the primary color to be the yellow, so I painted 3 nails with the Unicorn, and then one of each orange and the peach. I didn’t just want to have one nail with the Feather Effects, so I looked through my arsenal and found stickers, nail tattoos, and glitter.

For the index finger I used a sticker from the Hello Kitty set I got from Sephora:


For the middle finger, I selected some floral stickers in the same color family from a set from the drug store that I’ve had for quite some time:


On the ring finger, I tried the Feather Effects on top of the Unicorn. 


And on the pinky, I decided to go with a chunky, loose, gold glitter from the Ciate set I got in December:


Not to leave out the thumb, I decided to use a bigRuby nail tattoo from the “Hers” set (http://www.bigrubytattoos.com/collections/all-products/products/hers) because I liked the diamond design and it was in that peach color family that I was going for. 


It’s still snowy and cold, here in Pittsburgh. But I’m happy with my hopeful, springy mani. Happy Mardi Gras, guys! Here’s to warmer days ahead!



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