Hangin’ With Suede


This week I’m going to talk about my new buddy, Suede. I met this lovely little guy briefly last Summer/Fall. Suede is a Sphynx cat. He’s “hairless”, which isn’t really hairless, just more like peach fuzz. Hence his name. Here’s some more info about the breed:


Some people think hairless cats are scary…




But they are total sweetheart baby dolls.





(Who wouldn’t love that face?)

The come in a bunch of colors.





They are very playful and social. Because they don’t have a lot of fur like other cats, they’ll often wear little shirts or sweaters. Even though they might be chilly, they are little hot water bottles, and it’s fortuitous that they love to cuddle.

I came over to get the run down on the Suede before my friend left for her trip. We played a little bit.


He was working his little metal shirt. I mean, obviously he is such a…


Stud muffin! Get it?… He’s even kind enough to pose with fans for the occasional photo.


(I really think I’ve made some hairless cat fans this week…)

We even did a shoot together, Suede and I.

This is our Christian rock album cover.

This is our Christian rock album cover.

"That's the spot, lady..."

“That’s the spot, lady…”

"Oh darling, stop... Okay, now tell me how pretty I am."

“Oh darling, stop… Okay, now tell me how pretty I am.”

Today we had a dress up costume party.

Suede was a gentleman in a cravat.


And he made being a “rude boy” look elegant.


But my favorites were Chippendale Suede:


and Punk Rawk Kitty.

"Free Pussy Riot" denim vet is my own creation. Made before they were, you know, freed and stuff.

“Free Pussy Riot” denim vet is my own creation. Made before they were, you know, freed and stuff.

And in reward for Suede’s arduous work modeling, he received little fishies and catnip toys that he went apeshit over. Pro cat lady tip: since it’s just about Easter season, you’ll probably see those cheap plastic eggs out and about. They make great catnip toys, if they have the little holes. Even the plastic shells from the quarter machines work. I also brought him a catnip mouse, in case the egg went over like a lead balloon. He had a great time with both. But I have to say, he seemed to prefer the mouse.

Not pictured in the Youtube footage, Suede would jump straight up to pounce on the mouse, and then stalk it too.

I’ll be sad to not see my little fuzzy friend for a while, but I’m sure we’ll quickly take up where we left off when we come back together. I’ll miss the little dude that wanted nothing more than to be held like a baby and purr like a little squishy jet engine.

And I think he liked me too…



One thought on “Hangin’ With Suede

  1. I tried the cat nip egg tip and it went over way too well, there was pain, there was agony, and there was defeat. As the 3 combatants licked their wounds The Purring Dead Walked off with the egg…

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