#LoveMe Challenge: Day 11


Share a smile.


End of night selfie at my birthday party.


#LoveMe Challenge: Day 10


Share a secret.

I believe firmly and practice The Five Second Rule.

#LoveMe Challenge: Day 9


Share something beautiful.

art wall

clockwise from upper left: artwork by Amarah, modified estate sale find from Eric Pisani, painting by Salam El Zaatari, and painting by Xavier Evans

worship altar

Not one, but two Cthulhu figures on my altar..


My witchy books, handmade runes, tarot cards, craft books, candles, etc…

Also these guys…

Renfield and Pork

The love that dare not speak its name.

Renfield and Pork

They almost make a little heart…

Renfield and Pork

Glamour Shots

How could you not be in love with those faces?

#LoveMe Challenge: Day 8


Share a scar.

Well, let’s see. I have the first three letters of my name etched into my left forearm. I did it with a safety pin while I was in high school.

I also have a smiley face burn on that arm. I was trying that old trick where you let a lighter heat up for a few seconds and then it makes a smiley face on you, only I let it heat up too long and ended up giving myself an actual burn.

I have a lightning shaped scar above my butt from falling through a glass coffee table while I was cleaning.

I have 4 tattoos. I have the Libra symbol on the back of my neck.

Libra tattoo

…you try getting a photo of the back of your neck.

I have a star behind my right ear.

star tattoo

I have the Discordian apple on my shoulder.

Discordian Apple

And I have a skeleton key on my left wrist.

key tattoo


I like my scars and the various stories behind them. I think scars build character, honestly. I think scars are kind of beautiful.

#LoveMe Challenge: Day 6


A Note to Future Me:

  1. Can I please have the lottery numbers?
  2. Remember that we’re actually pretty happy right now, even though you tend to want to beat yourself up a bit, when you look back at things.
  3. I put that important thing over there, where I won’t forget it…

#LoveMe Challenge: Day 5


Notes For My Past Self:

  1. Go to bed earlier.
  2. Spend more time with Dan and Shawn.
  3. Go out more, or at least do more fun stuff.
  4. Take advantage of the opportunities to have experiences.
  5. High school me – Don’t be so angsty, you’re going to date your share and then some.
  6. Stop thinking your fat. You’re only going to get fatter than what you are, so enjoy the size you are.