Dandelion Tea


Ah Spring. If you live in Pennsylvania, your yard may look something like this:


(Totally not my yard, btw…)

So what are you going to do? I, for one, made tea. To be specific, I wanted to make dandelion wine, but the recipe told me that I needed a pint of petals and brewers yeast, and do you know how many petals it would take to make a pint? More than my tiny city back slab has produced at this time, I assure you.

So I went out this morning and checked on the plants, and I picked all the blooms.


(Based on this recipe: http://omgirlsguide.com/2013/04/22/how-to-make-dandelion-tea-3-ways-dedicated-to-earth-day/)

I picked the blooms from the stems and washed them in a vinegar and water solution and gave them a good rinse and strain.



Then I let them steep in a kettle’s worth of hot water for 20 min.


Then I strained the tea using a spider and a fine strainer.




It has a very grassy smell, but it’s not unpleasant. One might as well make use of a plentiful, natural resource, and try some thing new. If it can boost the immune system, or help detox the liver, those are added bonuses. There’s all kinds of benefits to the dandelion:


I hope I inspire someone else to try making something made with your own hands from your backyard. You’ll surprise yourself and feel an sense of pride. Enjoy!


(with local honey from the farmer's market last summer, to boot!)

(with local honey from the farmer’s market last summer, to boot!)




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