#LoveMe Challenge



(Feel free to play at home!)

Day 1: I am participating, first of all, because like just about everyone, I suffer from some seriously heinous self-esteem issues. I am actively learning to love myself, despite my own negative messaging. I take umbrage with my aging, feeling like I’ve lost any kind of “cool” factor that I may have ever had. All the while learning to not just embrace, but celebrate the nerd I have always been. I waffle between the feelings in casual conversation when I meet new people, that I am about as interesting as the local paper you line the bird cage with, to times when I feel that I do have interesting stories to share. I know my life is worth something. I know that I have something to say. I have stories that are funny and endearing. I am a collection of experiences and preferences, a little from each person I love and a little from the ether. 

I want to walk away from this feeling like I contributed in a healthy way. I want to feel like I opened up without censorship, and let a little of the wall down. I hope we’re both ready for that… 😉



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