#LoveMe Day 3


A word that describes you…

Well, that’s over simplifying it, isn’t it? Who is one dimensional enough to be summarized in a word?

I guess it depends on who is saying it. My boyfriend likes to say I’m “delightful”. I’m kind and generous, when I’m able. Ferociously loyal to the ones I love.

But I guess something most will agree with is that I’m funny. I’m not stroking my ego, here. I’m not calling myself the next Louis CK, or anything, but I think I make people laugh even when I’m not trying.

I’m not calling it a “positive outlook”, because I’m downright sarcastic. I just have a humorous, unusual view of the world. I see a hundred little things that could be amusing anecdotes but most things I don’t even get to share with anyone… Those are usually what you might catch me mumbling about when I’m alone.

So I think I can definitely say I’m funny. I’d like to imagine it comes through in my writing. But even if it gets lost in translation, I amuse the hell out of myself.


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