#LoveMe Challenge: Day 8


Share a scar.

Well, let’s see. I have the first three letters of my name etched into my left forearm. I did it with a safety pin while I was in high school.

I also have a smiley face burn on that arm. I was trying that old trick where you let a lighter heat up for a few seconds and then it makes a smiley face on you, only I let it heat up too long and ended up giving myself an actual burn.

I have a lightning shaped scar above my butt from falling through a glass coffee table while I was cleaning.

I have 4 tattoos. I have the Libra symbol on the back of my neck.

Libra tattoo

…you try getting a photo of the back of your neck.

I have a star behind my right ear.

star tattoo

I have the Discordian apple on my shoulder.

Discordian Apple

And I have a skeleton key on my left wrist.

key tattoo


I like my scars and the various stories behind them. I think scars build character, honestly. I think scars are kind of beautiful.


One thought on “#LoveMe Challenge: Day 8

  1. liz

    i remember you doing that with the safety pin! and for some reason i thought you had more than 4 tattoos….hmmmmm

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