#LoveMe Challenge: Day 22


What makes you unique?

Honestly, this is something I struggle with. Every human walks around with the hubris inherent in the system of narcissism that we’re taught pretty much from birth. “You are a special little flower.” To a certain extent, the combination of genetics, experiences, and preferences that make up your identity are probably quite difficult to reproduce exactly. In a way, most of us actually are little snowflakes.

So what makes me “unique”? My octopus collection goes beyond jewelry into items as unusual as a big ass shower curtain. I have 4 Polaroid cameras, so I guess that’s officially a collection as well. I have a lot of craft stuff. Like a controlled amount, just on the rational side of hoarder. I can recite Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, UHF, and Kung Pow pretty much line by line. I’ve seen a lot of concerts and shows. I went to a Creative and Performing Arts High School. I’m a very awkward human, but I’m pretty good at getting people to laugh. I know a lot of trivia about conspiracy theories, religion, and The Masons.

Otherwise, I guess most of it would be the combination that makes me who I am. But I don’t really think I’d want to be actually be someone else. Maybe have their life, in so much as to have their resources, or not have some of the challenges that I live with. Otherwise, I’m pretty content. It could be better, but it also isn’t that bad.


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