#LoveMe Challenge: Day 15


Something you have done right.

I’m going to go with taking care of my cats. I’ve kept them alive and happy into their golden years. Sometimes I do feel insecure about their health, because I have PTSD from every surprise trip to the ER they’ve made. But they are old, and sweet, and very affectionate. So I’m going to go on record as saying I raised them well.


#LoveMe Challenge: Day 9


Share something beautiful.

art wall

clockwise from upper left: artwork by Amarah, modified estate sale find from Eric Pisani, painting by Salam El Zaatari, and painting by Xavier Evans

worship altar

Not one, but two Cthulhu figures on my altar..


My witchy books, handmade runes, tarot cards, craft books, candles, etc…

Also these guys…

Renfield and Pork

The love that dare not speak its name.

Renfield and Pork

They almost make a little heart…

Renfield and Pork

Glamour Shots

How could you not be in love with those faces?