#LoveMe Challenge: Day 21


Something you are proud of.

Today? Right this moment I am proud of this:

To be more specific, I haven’t been creative (outside of cooking or doing these posts) in weeks. To be clear, I just haven’t put any ideas in motion. This was the first one that I made time for. And so far, so good.


#LoveMe Challenge: Day 20


Something you love to wear.

I have a collection of octopus items. I have earrings, a ring, a bracelet, a tote bag, and 2 necklaces. So at any given time, you might see me with something with an octopus on it somewhere on my person.

#LoveMe Challenge: Day 19


Something you feel strongly about. 

I’m probably the furthest thing from an activist, but one of the things I’ve always been on board with is equal rights for the LGBTQ community and women’s issues. They are close to my heart because they directly affect my friends and myself.

I go to see the Pride parade every year and I’ve been watching the slow nation wide legalization of gay marriage (and I’m very excited that Pennsylvania was NOT the last state to allow it, I was worried for a minute). I have a lot of friends of varying sexual preferences and I hate anything that puts limitations on them.

Women’s issues and feminism affect me directly as a woman. I do what I can to support Planned Parenthood, by utilizing the screening and health services.

#LoveMe Challenge: Day 15


Something you have done right.

I’m going to go with taking care of my cats. I’ve kept them alive and happy into their golden years. Sometimes I do feel insecure about their health, because I have PTSD from every surprise trip to the ER they’ve made. But they are old, and sweet, and very affectionate. So I’m going to go on record as saying I raised them well.