Somewhere inside I think I’ll always be that girl that walked into a post at the mall, because she was staring at her new shoes. 

This “winter” (“Polar Vortex”?, “bombogenesis”?, “nor’easter”?, whatever…) is giving everyone the blues. Let’s face it, it’s exhausting just to pile on the layers and trudge from point A to point B. This weather seems to sap the lifeblood out of me, until my only desires are to sit in the dark and watch movies until it’s time to sleep. 

But we find small pleasures to make the hours go by, until the sun comes out again. Last night I tried out another new nail polish: Feather Effects by Nails Inc. The texture is a bit scratchy, and I had to use 3 coats to get the density pictured on Sephora, but I think it would be a cute top coat on the right color.



This morning, I knew the temperatures would be in the negative before I even checked the weather. I decided to pull out the knit socks for isolation. I think the sock website I got these from is now defunct. But I love these ones. Maybe they are intended to be thigh highs on a much thinner woman, but they make up for it by being the same color as the Granny from Muppet Babies.


Then, of course, there are my new shoes…


I’m also wearing a new sweater, and to go with the loose knit and oatmeal color I thought I’d wear the glass necklace my friend brought back from Italy for me and the big bangle earrings from the Culture Shop to go all earthy boho all over this day. 


So life carries on. I’ll while away the dark hours making art, reading books, watching movies, finishing projects, biding time until we can all crawl out of our shells and get into some real shenanigans. Until then find someone cute and funny to snuggle up to, and indulge in the nerdy obsession of your choice, and we’ll meet each other in the virtual realm until we’re ready for concerts, and picnics, and goings on. Be safe and stay warm.