St. Patty’s Nails


To be entirely honest, St. Patrick’s Day might be my least favorite holiday. First of all, it’s amatuer hour. All the asshats come out of the wood work and use it as a good excuse to drink beer with green food coloring until they’re urinating on the sidewalk and fighting in primordial herds. The professionals are nursing hangovers on your average Wednesday morning. So not only is this encouraging the average Joe to cower in their home base, but I have a couple pretty bad associations with the month of March that make me a little cranky. This year we had the one year anniversary of a friend’s death. This is also the month my father died and I got laid off at work at the same time. Funny enough, this time around I’m out of work again after 7 years.

But all the same, it’s not entirely awful. Some people I care about a lot have birthdays. The weather is getting a little better. And worst comes to worse, if I’m looking for a ray of sunshine, I can say I’m alive, I have a home, and food, and my cats are healthy too.

So I did a couple of loosely themed St. Patrick’s Day manicure. You won’t find shamrocks or leprechauns. But they are green… 

First I was inspired by this blog post talking about Spring trends:

Specifically, I was interested in the part about metallic green. Only I wasn’t interested in doing a Wintergreen color. I used a sampling of the metallic greens in my collection.


I painted one nail white with the Essie on the far left, and used one of the nail tattoos, seen here:



This is the outcome:


Then I came up with another idea about a week later. This time I used a brighter green. I alternated patterns of dots and stripes created with the dotting tool on white and green, with one accent nail of loose glitter. 


Saturday was the day of the St. Patrick’s Day parade. Traditionally it’s also the day when everyone holes up in Market Square or stumbles around the South Side. Being that it was also March 15th, it coincided with the 19th annual Ides of March March. It’s a strange tradition to describe. The event is organized by Phat Man Dee. It first started when I was in high school, way back in a time called “The 90’s”. Maybe you remember from your high school English class that the Ides of March is in Julius Caesar. That’s the day he was assassinated, and he was warned by a bunch of creepy soothsayers. The march is a gathering of the unusual. Costumes are encouraged. Signs are carried. And we tromp up and down the main fare, warning passersby to beware the Ides of March… march. This year, I brought some new(er) friends with me. Since it was a Saturday, I actually got to dress up too. This photo is probably my favorite to surface so far. (Photo credit: Ray Gerard)


I’m the unicorn in the zombie hoodie. This picture was the selfie I tried to take when we got off the bus.


I managed to, for a brief period of time, successfully wear false eyelashes that I applied all by myself. (Well, I used this tweezer like applicator device I got at Sephora, but I’m totally taking credit.)

It was an absolute study in chaos, one I cannot sufficiently describe. And for the day, it was actually considered moderate by local standards. Still, aside from an attempted prop snatch and an testosterone fueled man throwing his shoulder into everyone, we all made it out unscathed. Tired and cranky, but unscathed. The evening was spent winding down with pizza and movies. A happy ending.





So Happy Spring Fertility Day!

What did I do? We tried coloring eggs with “natural dyes”.

For this experiment we used coffee and red wine vinegar.

Then we used glue and metallic foil, glitter, chalk pencils, and paint markers to jazz it up.





At the store I got those plastic eggs with the little holes for the cats. I filled them with nip and the cats had a field day.



That’s the resulting catnip party.

My apologies if this post comes out clunky. It’s my first from the mobile app.